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The Elder Scrolls Online Guides: The New Adventure Zone Craglorn

ZeniMax has launched the first adventure zone known as “Carglorn” in The Elder Scrolls Online. What veteran content does Carglorn include? Let’s look at it.

ESO Craglorn Map

Caaglorn- Quests
Differing from the other adventure zone, the exploration content is designed for groups of four. There are quests for four-person groups. The quests drive you to go to different places all over Craglorn and discovery more and more stories.

ESO Craglorn Quests

Craglorn-Main City
Just like normal zones, Craglorn has main city named Belkarth.
ESO Belkarth

Craglorn- Delves
As you and your group go to explore, you can see “Delves”.

ESO Delves

The great things about delves in Craglorn is they are instanced to your party. You can experience delves and gather Skyshards in Craglorn


The four-person group can fight against powerful bosses.


Craglorn- 12-player Trials
There is veteran content for the large groups to challenge in Craglorn. Specifically designed for groups of twelves, Trials are really for the best of the best.


There are a lot of different monsters and powerful bosses for you and your groups.


Craglorn- Leaderboards
But if you group turns in ne of the best times, you will be added to the Leaderboards. If you make it to the top of the leaderboards, you are going to get reward.


The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 1.0.3

Zenimax continues its pace of corrective updates daily with 1.0.3 patch was deployed yesterday morning. It remains in line with previous patches, with mainly fixes for bugs with quests. Some problems of skills and crafts have been fixed along the way.

Ler also continued parallel development of American studio Raidelorn , which will be the first adventure area and arrive with the first content patch.

Zenimax on Patch 1.0.3 ( Source )


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.3 present a number of corrections to the content already in place, with a particular focus on the gameplay and quests that impeded progress. We are working hard to correct these problems, and other concerns you have reassembled us; we will keep you informed of the resolution of these. We also continue to fight against the more general problem of “botting” and “gold-spammers.” Although these release notes do not mention this particular topic, be aware that changes to fight against these evils occur regularly and often by non-visible or non-public changes. We always receive your reports and we continue to treat them as part of the subject to high priority. Thank you to continue to send them to us and thank you for your patience.


War Alliances 


- Trying to use / stuck to Cyrodiil not recommend more use / bug instead of / help if you’re really stuck (e).

- Fixed a problem that prevented the update icon on the map if we captured all the resources around the same time.

- You build now against players of Ultimate upgraded to the battle.

Gameplay and Combat 


- Tiles money rank 2 can now be restored on your skill bar if you remove in.

- Fixed a problem with the Set of the scout. It gives you more Stamina regeneration too large.

Crafts and Economy 


- You should not deconstruct powers by accident the helmet you have equipped.

- The sales value of the food you are cooking has been reduced to make it a common measure with the other branches of handicraft.

Dungeons and Groups 

black Anchors

- You should no longer get stuck (e) if all the followers were killed as they emerge.


- The Dungeon prohibited: after killing the Haunting of the cell and the other monsters, guard Areldur will be no bomb.

- The Dungeon prohibited: Fixed a problem in the part of the final boss, that was not so you have the quest but were not at the right stage.



- You must now restart the game client after a patch, to be sure (e) not to get stuck (e) on the loading screen.

- Fixed a problem that propelled you into the air when you walk on certain objects.



- Beneath the Ashes: Monsters of the abandoned mine should now reappear as planned.

- A sticky situation: it should not be possible to get stuck (e) in the cell when you are together (e) with another player.

- Actual: Fixed an issue that prevented using the crystal monsters when suitable.


- Unearthing the past: the particles should not be impossible to pick up if you are at the right stage of the quest, as could sometimes happen.

- The Fall of Carzog: Caleen Lambur and should now speak to you without fail.

Island Morneroc

- Man frost: it should now be possible every time to find the third clue.


- The army of Meridia: Rampart should not appear in a sometimes resistant to any interaction state.

- Crossing the abyss: you should always be able to start and through the events of Portal.

- Crossing the abyss: the fight against Molag Grunda should reset properly if you resurrect after death.


- Trade Negotiations: quest markers were added to the compass and world map for each step.

- Trade Negotiations: Bodani and Raston should now appear systematically when making the quest.

- Challenge Gruznak: the horn Signage should always be used to invoke Gruznak.


- Lineage tooth and nail: the werewolf hampered should now speak as expected when you take him in the cave.

Wood Graht

- Soul forgotten: you should be able to interact with the stone Welkynd every time.

- Scars is for life: Slim-Jah will talk systematically and hunters will be arranged whenever you duel.

- Havre agitation: Event ritual should always appear as expected, and should not be interrupted when there are several players in the area.


- Anchors Port: Doshia saw its reduced powers.

Main quest

- Castle Ver: Fixed an issue that could block the quest if you logged out during the step “Watch the scene.”

- Castle Ver: Cadwell should not decide to stop following you.

- Daughter of giants: the exit portal should appear automatically when you beat the final boss.

Malabal Tor

- Arithiel: Event sorcerer should now appear as expected when you are on the right step in the quest.

Walk from the Grim Reaper

- Falling Hadran: back to the Tand area boss no longer interrupt the quest.


- Justice of the Fallen: Léonce well should reappear as planned.

- The Liberation of Pointe-Nord: Darien is no longer stuck, what prevented you complete the quest.

The Scree

- Building confidence: it should be much easier to find and treat the peasants.

- Divine Favor: Corrected an issue that prevented invoke the captain of the guard.


- Fixed a problem that prevented the allocation of success Scourge dreams, Champion / Champion guardians of mind and Allied / Allied Azura.

- The funeral ideal: it should be much easier to find vasards.

The Breach

- The body to the test: you should be able to tackle all the bosses as expected.

- The tomb in the mountain: you should always be able to reanimate a corpse that you follow.



- The “Account expired” error message should now display properly regardless of the language selected for the client.

- The error message “An unknown error occurred” has been changed to be more clear and informative.

The basic tips for you to adventure in ESO

Need some help getting started in The Elder Scrolls Online? We’ve gathered these tips to offer you some help with common questions about playing the game. Read on and you may just learn something you didn’t know!


Choosing Your Megaserver
Make sure to select the megaserver you want to play on during installation (North American or European). To make your choice, click the radio button the left of yoru desired server. The “recommended” tag may not always display beneath the correct server.

Accidental Bonus Item Deletion
If you have an Explorer’s Pack or the Imperial Edition, don’t delete the first character you create if you check your mail! If you already opened mail on that character, you need to store the items (vanity pets, Pledge of Mara, etc.) in your bank before deleting the character.

Using the Pledge of Mara
To use your Pledge of Mara and complete the ritual, place the Pledge in your quickslot menu by pressing “Q” on the inventory screen. Then drag the Pledge to a quickslot. Visit a Shrine of Mara, place your targeting reticule over your partner, hold down “Q” and select the Pledge, and then release and press “Q” again to complete the ritual with the targeted character.

Redeeming Your Retail Code
If you purchased a retail copy of the game, make sure you redeem your Game Activation Code before any other code when you visit your account page. After redeeming this code, you can redeem other codes (for the Imperial Edition items, for example).

Exploring and Questing
Don’t forget to leave the beaten path! You’ll find Skyshards to collect for additional skill points, Mundus Stones with powerful buffs, caves and ruins to explore and loot, locked chests to pick, maps to hidden treasure, tons of crafting resources, fishing holes, lore books to read for skill points, and more.

You can buy a horse at the stables in major cities. Don’t forget to feed your horse every day to improve its stats.

You can travel to any Wayshrine you’ve visited (for a cost in gold) by opening the map and clicking on that shrine. If you approach a Wayshrine, you can travel to others you’ve found for free.

Always keep lockpicks with you—you never know when you’ll find a chest. Some merchants sell lockpicks in case you ever run out.

You can press “T” at any time to cycle your actively-tracked quest.

To find more detailed guides, get help from other players, and see the latest news, make sure to check out our forums. Enjoy your adventures!

If you know more, or if you have better ideas, please come here on to share with us and discuss with us. All kinds of information is welcomed.