The basic tips for you to adventure in ESO

Need some help getting started in The Elder Scrolls Online? We’ve gathered these tips to offer you some help with common questions about playing the game. Read on and you may just learn something you didn’t know!


Choosing Your Megaserver
Make sure to select the megaserver you want to play on during installation (North American or European). To make your choice, click the radio button the left of yoru desired server. The “recommended” tag may not always display beneath the correct server.

Accidental Bonus Item Deletion
If you have an Explorer’s Pack or the Imperial Edition, don’t delete the first character you create if you check your mail! If you already opened mail on that character, you need to store the items (vanity pets, Pledge of Mara, etc.) in your bank before deleting the character.

Using the Pledge of Mara
To use your Pledge of Mara and complete the ritual, place the Pledge in your quickslot menu by pressing “Q” on the inventory screen. Then drag the Pledge to a quickslot. Visit a Shrine of Mara, place your targeting reticule over your partner, hold down “Q” and select the Pledge, and then release and press “Q” again to complete the ritual with the targeted character.

Redeeming Your Retail Code
If you purchased a retail copy of the game, make sure you redeem your Game Activation Code before any other code when you visit your account page. After redeeming this code, you can redeem other codes (for the Imperial Edition items, for example).

Exploring and Questing
Don’t forget to leave the beaten path! You’ll find Skyshards to collect for additional skill points, Mundus Stones with powerful buffs, caves and ruins to explore and loot, locked chests to pick, maps to hidden treasure, tons of crafting resources, fishing holes, lore books to read for skill points, and more.

You can buy a horse at the stables in major cities. Don’t forget to feed your horse every day to improve its stats.

You can travel to any Wayshrine you’ve visited (for a cost in gold) by opening the map and clicking on that shrine. If you approach a Wayshrine, you can travel to others you’ve found for free.

Always keep lockpicks with you—you never know when you’ll find a chest. Some merchants sell lockpicks in case you ever run out.

You can press “T” at any time to cycle your actively-tracked quest.

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